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Minimum deposit for opening secure accounts with forex brokers

In the last episode, we discussed a puzzle about the minimum account opening (you can check it here) and found that the minimum $ 50 is a highway to loss
So what is the minimum?
The minimum is the amount you can use to open 10 trades at a time with a leverage of 1 to 500 and with a stop loss of 3500 and a profit of 2000, and to calculate that, suppose you opened twenty transactions for major currencies, you will find that the margin used is $ 20, To reach stop loss levels for 10 positions is 3500 pips multiplied by twenty deal = $ 700
This means that we will have about seven winning trades versus three losing trades
This means that you will have a profit of $ 140 versus three losing positions of $ 105 within the normal range of pairs during the trading week and therefore you will have a profit of $ 35
To achieve this profit we needed a reserved margarine of $ 20
And a reserve to cover the loss (you can deal with it as if it were a fee, tax or trading requirements) of $ 105
Is that just what we need?

No, we will need more, we will need the same margarine reserved multiplied by five times until we move away from the Margin and the automatic closing of deals followed by some of the brokers and this means an additional $ 100
Therefore, we need to open the account with a minimum of $ 225
Provided that we commit to a number of transactions not exceeding ten micro transactions
And to stop loss and make a profit consistent with the trading periods indicated
You may also be charged a transfer fee to and from the appropriate broker

And remains the most important condition for the success of trading and is completely away from the idea of doubling the account within a few period is the subject of the next episode average monthly profit of Forex statistically

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