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Trading opportunities during the US-China trade war

The US-China trade war launched by the American president has become a reality we are dealing with now, as much as America can harm China and others as much as we expect the damage done to the American economy
Strangely enough, gold reacted negatively while gold was supposed to rise a lot during that period but it seems that the impact of electronic trading and speculations is what drove gold to retreat
The JPY is also trading against the Dollar at illogical levels. As a safe haven, the Yen is supposed to be strong but gold is also supposed to go up a lot, so what governs the movement of markets now is speculation and the trick that convince traders that these are the actual trends of markets

We can make a lot of profits during that period if the size of the account is as large as the following

Recommendation        BUY   current level SL 1.1300           TP OPEN 

Recommendation        BUY   current level SL 1.2700           TP OPEN 

Recommendation        BUY   current level SL 138                TP OPEN

Recommendation        BUY   current level SL 1180              TP OPEN

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