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Forex trading account preferences can continue

The minimum deposit is one of the things most recently searched by new traders while it is the highway to loss
With a simple calculator, if you have signed up with Broker, you will have a minimum deposit of $ 50 with a leverage of 1-500 and you are fully committed to opening only micro contracts. The $ 50 will allow you to open about 20 transactions on the Euro
We will assume that you are careful enough and that you will only open operations within the ten operations at a cost of $ 20, meaning that your account will be subject to declines on the ten operations worth an additional twenty dollars before the violin aggressively attacked Margin
You will only have to start closing some losing trades to provide an appropriate margin but that means you have started losing

If we assume that you are committed to profit-taking and stop-loss levels between 2000 and 2000, it means that you are betting on the sidelines of the daily movement of the husband, which is logical but it is fatal to the account in fact
If the market movement is normal, trading within the 2000 range will be in both directions. You will have 50 to 50 chances of winning. If you are very lucky, your account will be added to about $ 400 when all transactions are closed.
If you are unsuccessful, your account will stop after the second transaction is lost within two trading days

Does this mean opening an account for $ 50 is a common mistake?
Yes, a common mistake because you challenge the digital matrix of the markets and it is much stronger than you
So, are there minimum thresholds for opening accounts to ensure greater security?
Yes, the subject of the next episode

Note: Stop-loss and profit-taking points are based on the five-point platforms and not the Quartet for all of our topics

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