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Trading opportunities on digital currencies May 27, 2021


Bitcoin Analysis May 27, 2021

Trading stabilized above support 38.2% Fibonacci with positivity on the exclusive momentum indicator in an attempt to re-rise again above 61.8% Fibonacci at 40225, Bitcoin's success to rise above 61.8% Fibonacci will confirm Bitcoin's ability to continue rising towards 46729, while returning to trade below 38.2% Fibonacci Bitcoin will push back into support zone 23.6% Fibonacci 33720, which is currently a medium-strength demand area

Ethereum analysis May 27, 2021

Ethereum managed to stabilize above 50% Fibonacci with positivity on the special momentum indicator, and we notice a repeated rebound from the 61.8% Fibonacci 2890 area, so we are waiting for a further rise above 61.8% Fibonacci to confirm Ethereum's ability to quickly return to 3596, while the lower 50% Fibonacci will push Ethereum to return For the strongest support at 38.2% Fibonacci-23.6% Fibonacci 2452-2184, which are medium-strength demand areas currently.

Litecoin analysis May 27, 2021

Litecoin continues to trade positively above 23.6% Fibonacci with positivity on the special momentum indicator and is trying to return to trading above 38.2% Fibonacci 199, if Litecoin succeeds in returning to trade above 38.2% Fibonacci retracement then its next targets will be around 224-250, and the stability of trading around that area will be a positive indication of the possibility Return to trading above 318, while any drop below 23.6% Fibonacci will push Litecoin to the bottom of the 118 demand area, which is a strong demand area around which long positions can be opened.

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