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Litcoin .. Is it possible to go back to 412 again?


On the chart today, we can notice that Litecoin achieved the first target around 412 before entering a violent correction wave that reached 38.2% Fibonacci (the current trading price of 268), and that corrective wave could be extended under the influence of the collapse of Bitcoin to reach 61.8% Fibonacci $ 182, But it remains a corrective wave, while we can confirm the presence of more bids pending at 50% Fibonacci 226 levels and more around 182 levels, so it would not be strange to test a rapid rise towards $ 400 from any of the mentioned levels as Bitcoin's moves will not be subject to moving averages and analysis. Simple While the wave analysis may be better now, but in any case, further decline will only produce more buyers and the equation continues as well until the moment when the sellers exit the market after they gave the big buyers what they needed of digital assets at cheap prices

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