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The best of them is the 4-hour chart ... a look at the 2020 trading charts

Traders continue to be confused most of the time between the best trading charts, some prefer the daily and others arrive in their adventures to the one-minute chart, while market analysis centers used to place their daily analyzes based on the half-hour chart, but according to years of trading experience, the four-hour chart is the best of these charts. Whether for long trades or even for day trades

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Why is the four hours chart?

First of all, we can completely exclude today's chart from the study that we are conducting, it is not suitable for market conditions that no longer respect history and it is very boring if you are trying to trade on a daily basis, and even if you are a patient person, you will need about a month to know the result of building a trading position based on Today's chart, which is a relatively long time, during which quick trades achieved what you may lose by trading on today's chart

But if you are addicted to trading on the half-hour chart, you risk a little bit of trading within the markets that change their trend during short periods of time while placing your stop loss a little away from the entry point and thus you must be very lucky to make lasting profits, you will achieve a lot of Earnings But the awaited trend reversal could wipe out all of your profits at any time

As for the four hour chart, you can consider it the magic solution to your trades, whether you are this patient who trades on the daily chart, or this trader who is trading on the half hour chart.

With a simple experience, we can prove this and according to a very simple trading strategy that I put in front of you, letting you try this simple strategy that does not require any expensive or programmed indicators.

Place any trading asset (currencies, oil, gold, indices) on the 4-hour chart, then place the RSI with its default settings and with it the 50-day moving average indicator.

Experiment on one of the hardest-traded pairs (crazy) or GBP JPY

What do you notice:

If you are a fan of supply and demand areas, you can rely on the simplest model of this strategy. Repeating two candles representing the bottom or the top is a suitable signal to sell or buy depending on the repetition of these two candles as support or resistance with a stop loss placed 20 points away from them while you can place a take Profit on the opposite pattern of the direction of your position

If you are a fan of RSI, the RSI indicator will give you countless opportunities if you ignore the traditional 70-30 levels and start buying with the climbing above the 50 line and selling with the falling below the 50 line

If you are a fan of trading using a moving average, the 50 day moving average will not let you down at all. Permanent buying if the price is above the moving average, and selling if the price is below the moving average.

Try this on any of the trading assets and test your result

In addition, you can adjust the stop loss to the entry point and then start to book a portion of the profit, which is difficult to do on smaller charts than that.

Can we trade daily using the four hour chart:

Of course, this can be done according to a simple strategy that can be tried. Put the chart with the settings that we explained before and add to the 5 moving average chart, if the price is above the 50 day moving average, then you will wait for the price to rise above the 5 moving average to open a buy position, if the price is below the moving average For 50 days, you will wait for the price to drop below SMA 5 to open a sell position

This strategy is well suited to scalpers, but with some safety, as this type of traders opens fast and lightning positions, sometimes without placing a profit-taking or stop-loss, relying on manual intervention to close trading positions, according to this strategy they can sip a cup of coffee between each position

Perhaps you have not tried it yet, so we recommend that you try the four hour chart using these simple and uncomplicated strategies on a demo account and then decide if you have found it suitable for trading through it or not

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