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Despite the drums of war, the indicators are buyable. Dow Jones

Despite the US war drums, the American indices still have excellent competitiveness and clear purchasing momentum with medium term targets attractive to buyers. The hourly chart is showing a clear extension of the momentum on the Dow Jones, which is trading the 200 day high successfully, The existence of a capital injection to buy the index corresponds to the decline of gold holdings

Technically we have strong support at 25667 and strong resistance at 26122 with a clear positive on the RSI on the hourly chart, and given the hourly hourly chart, what we see now on the hourly chart is what we saw earlier on the hourly chart, We can see a clear correlation between the ferrim at that point and no opportunities for sharp declines, which means that we are on the verge of a buyout with good targets with a low risk

Trading Recommendation
Buy from current prices 25849
Stop Loss (must be strictly adhered to during that period) 25553.40
Take Profit 26170.49

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