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Untold gold trading Scenarios during the month of March

Looking at the price movements of gold this month, we can make sure that the pattern is very clear as gold is trading within a wide range of bullishness, but we can also find gold has established a strong support area that can push it higher with each fall exposed to it
The fall of gold and its decline can not be seen, of course, away from the situation of the US dollar and its adherence to stay in the top areas of the 1250, despite the presence of the dollar index within the areas of 96 and 97 gives us only more adhering to the positive view of the movement of gold in the coming period and confirms that there are fears The major economies are pushing them to enter into the process of increasing possession of gold all the time, which keeps the survival of gold within those areas, despite the temptations of American stocks and indices

If we analyze what we see technically we come out with one result that we are dealing with gold is always a strong support at 1280 followed by immediately strong support has not been visited long ago at 1250, while there have been persistent attempts over the past two months to exceed the top of the 1345, a focal point for gold exceeded It is pushing it directly towards the 1400 areas, which in turn represents a practical confirmation of gold's insistence on the beginning of a cross-section within a new range we have tested years ago but may be rebounding in the coming months by setting a trading range between 1400 and 1550 so consider the 1400 point as a return of the model and range An old trading we have already traded Les

Gold needs only some bad news from America and some deflation and loss of appetite for investment from Europe with little Russian and Chinese desire to increase holdings of gold to reach those areas as we see conditions will be achieved and may even get a quick push from the United States in a crisis waiting The US president is facing the Democrats either because of the issue of Russian interventions in the elections or for any other reason, but it is certainly coming and is not delayed by the results and economic data provided by Donald Trump, who confirmed that his economic policy has caused a decline in unemployment and helped to In a positive economic clear and fast, which makes him not pay attention to what the Democrats try, but any failure may be exposed to the US President will open all the old files and adds new

For traders, they can always trade comfortably in their daily trading, but within a narrow range and with strict capital management, they can trade and sell within a maximum of five pips (a high risk trading range)
As for traders in the investment transactions, they can take every drop of gold towards the areas of 1285 and below to open deals with the target for parts of the contracts on the areas of 1312 - 1320 - 1340 - 1400
Taking into account that the investment trading model mentioned will be more suitable for large investment funds than it is suitable for individual traders

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