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Trading scenarios on all GBP pairs ahead of Brexit Tuesday

A few days before Tuesday, which is a detailed day for the British exit scenario and expectations, expectations of re-voting, and many media scenarios about alternatives, damage and gains, we can find excellent trading opportunities for extraordinary profits on GBP pairs Stay of the week
But I must first note that the size of the account must be commensurate with the size of risk, we can see sharp movements on these pairs while we must take into account the possibility of some brokers to increase the spread and reduce the leverage on the Australian pairs during that period so before we start trading On GBP pairs we must prepare well for all these factors and can create a separate account separate from the basic trading account for the Sterling in that period

We return to GBP couples and how to trade them during that period

The pair made significant gains during the week, taking advantage of the Australian weakness, which we do not expect to continue for a long time. The pair reached 1.87740 levels which are not suitable for buying, while we did not get any indication of the end of the upside wave either through the RSI or the MACD, The highest averages are 25 and 50 days
So we prefer to place pending orders on the pair in anticipation of sharp declines that may occur on the pair between now and the end of next Tuesday
Pending purchase orders are as follows
Buy from the areas of 1.8093 and 1.7900
Stop loss
Take Profit 1.8770

Some of the declines on oil prices gave the pair a suitable opportunity to rise since mid-February but the momentum may be lost at any moment and the technical retreats could move towards the main support areas where we can place pending purchase orders in the following areas
Buy from the areas of 1.7178 and 1.6960
Stop loss 1.6700
Take Profit 1.7780

This pair is likely to be the nearest pair to retreat towards the main support levels. The pair has continued to rise since mid-February but we have a negative trend currently on the RSI and in view of the market developments we can see declines towards the initial support areas at 1.9159 To buy

 We can place outstanding orders at 1.8905 and 1.8774
Stop loss at 1.8500
Take profit at 1.9600

The pair has risen since mid-February to touch the 148 area, which retreated slowly during the week but the pair could retreat further towards the initial support areas at 145.20, which represents a technical buying area but of course we also have another factor affecting the identification of the appropriate places of purchase, So we prefer to place some pending purchase orders as follows

Pending buy orders at 145.20 and 143.10 and a big buyout order at 142.00
Stop loss at 138.00
Take profit at 152

We have clear signals on the stability of the pair near the main resistance areas with a positive direction so far on the RSI and MACD but do not overlook that we are near the important date of the British Brexit critical dates so even if we have active purchase orders from the current areas we can place pending purchase orders In the classic support areas during the British Brexit march as follows

Pending purchase orders at 1.3015 and 1.2930 and a big buyout order at 1.2765 area
Stop loss at 1.2650
Take profit at 1.4000

Note: Some may find that these trades determine relatively long stop loss areas with other profit-taking areas too. I invite everyone to take a look at the daily chart. We have reached most of these areas successfully during last year's trading up and down while we have a crucial variable that we will not open (in the case of the Australian and the New Zealand), we will recognize that status The GBP, which actually absorbed all of the risks within its current pricing, may be subject to declines due to speculation or profit closures or the exit of some funds from the Australian markets but mainly the negative factors of the Brexit have been absorbed so we prefer to buy opportunities and long positions Out of the reach of expected speculative moves

Please note that we will republish portions of the placement in detail for each pair to give the opportunity to anyone who wants to comment or question about each pair
good luck for everybody

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