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Investment Analysis: about $ 1030 using $ 125 and risk $ 280 full details

As we explained yesterday when we find suitable investment opportunities over the long term, we will put them as a separate analysis. During the trading of the markets and amid the situation of the retreats on some pairs, especially the Euro and the analysis of the chart on the four hours and half an hour, I found some important investment opportunities that can be traded with distant targets by 125 $ Stop loss with all operations does not exceed $ 280 and targets around $ 1030
The transactions that we will mention have met the following conditions
The purchase or sale transactions are due to a clear selling or selling bias
Be within strong resistance areas or strong support
The previous trend should be broken
The target should exceed the stop loss levels with weakness and not less
We have started trading at least the 15-day average on a half-hour basis

Trading recommendations for accounts with a value of $ 1,500
Each transaction is entered into a contract of 0.10
 Commitment to Stop Loss and Take Profit

Trading recommendations in alphabetical order
Buy the cad jpy  82.67
Stop loss 82.136
Take Profit 85.055

EUR / AUD buy from 1.57950
Stop loss 1.57396
Take Profit 1.60439

EUR / CAD buying from 1.50826
Stop loss 1.50274
Take Profit 1.52775

Buy the Euro Yen from 124.63
Stop loss 124.073
Take Profit 126.464

Buy the Euro USD from $ 1.12668
Stop loss  1.12171
Take Profit 1.14168

Buy the USD JPY from 110.64
Stop loss 110.131
Take Profit 112.630

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