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Our best trading opportunities today 20 Feb. 2019

Re-buy EUR NZD and the targets around 1.6662
It seems that the euro zone will see some movement during the rest of the week, especially as there is light at the end of the tunnel now regarding the British exit and a clear decline from the Italian government on its stances towards the requirements of the European Union, which strengthens the strength of the euro against the rest of the other currencies

Technically, the pair is now able to confirm the upside either on the RSI or on the 4-hour chart's MACD based on strong support at 1.63, which would give it a chance to retest 1.66 and 1.68 areas respectively

Trading Recommendation
Buy the pair (repurchase for buyers) from current levels 1.6505
Take the first profit 1.6662
Take Second Profit 1.68

US CAD to buy the pair at key support now
During the week, the Canadian continued its gains against the US dollar, taking advantage of the decline of the US dollar index significantly and the rise in gold prices and the rise in oil prices relatively during that period, but we are now witnessing high levels of saturation on the pair may prompt us to buy not from current levels but from some lower levels Something

Technically, it is not possible to enter into a buyout on the pair currently, although there is a clear sell saturation but at the same time the pair is still trading below all the averages of the 8, 50 and 100 did not find clear support for the husband is able to give him the ability to break the downtrend so far with a negative trend RSI and the MACD so we prefer to watch the pair which we expect to see some decline before it becomes suitable for a buy

Trading Recommendation
Stay neutral with the possibility of buying from 1.3100 levels
Take the first profit 1.3153
Take Second Profit

USD CHF: Prepared to buy if the following conditions are met
During the week, the pair continued to retreat towards the main support areas affected by the poor performance of the US dollar index and the rise of gold holdings and the fog of the American scene affected by the successive battles of the US President against China and European cars and Democrats, which makes the entry of transactions based on the recovery of the US dollar some of its strength is fraught Risk, which applies to the Swiss franc against the US dollar

Technically and on the 4 hour chart we have some unfavorable positive signals to buy the pair so we are looking to complete the picture more clearly and will not enter into long positions until these conditions are fulfilled so far we have a positive direction on the RSI with the possibility of getting a buy signal from the developed MACD The presence of the pair in the strongest support areas, but we will not venture into the purchase process only by the completion of these conditions just as we will not venture to sell from those areas

Trading Recommendation
The pair is monitoring the 4-hour chart with the possibility to enter for the purchase with the beginning of trading the pair above the 15-day averages and not before
Take profit at 1.0055
With out of the deal at this level and not to ask for more points

Gold versus the Euro continues to rise to give us better selling opportunities
As we explained in the previous analysis, we count on entering into short positions on gold against the euro and not in buying transactions. We started to enter into successful short positions with very small targets during the past period without getting involved in long term deals. Levels above 1160 with targets near 1155 and we recommended going out of the trades with the re-analysis to determine the next entry areas and we identified the 1200 areas as a potential area as a final target for gold against the euro and explained that the region we will sell them in relatively large sizes of blocks, which we are watching now

Technically, we have not seen any negative signs of gold against the euro so far. Gold is expected to break above 1187 levels today, but the upper limit of gold targets will not exceed the 1200 areas, which represents an ideal selling area for long-term investments. That the transaction may need to be held for three months until we reach our final goals

Trading Recommendation
Put a pending order to sell gold from 1190 and 1200 regions
All trades are as follows
The first targets to close a quarter of the contracts at 1100
The second target is 1080
The final target at 1055
Noting that we need good economic data from the European region and ending the British exit crisis to get a good selling momentum on gold versus the euro

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