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Now we closed all trades on my real account satisfied with the profits realized ... details

For who follow my real trading account, now i closed all trades on the account and make a profit on the account for the first third of January 2019
During the first third of the month and the beginning of trading on the account we covered all the losses of the last Flash Crash successfully, and we made profits commensurate with the target rate of profit per account per month (target monthly about a thousand dollars only we have made $ 223)
Closing all operations is a commitment to our capital policy without looking at keeping open positions on the account during holidays, following the utmost caution in the management of the account and to avoid any news during the holiday markets

Re-trading on the account will start from next Monday and the standard trading volume on the account will be 0.10
  The transactions that we open on the account are the same as the recommendations we publish on my website

All trades are open only on the trading platform

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