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The Gbp Sterling basket is to be bought as one unit now and targets the 2016 levels

Daily trading may give us some profit which is good, investment trades are making the rich if the brood is wise and decisions are correct
We have opportunities that may not be repeated soon on all GBP pairs for many reasons, in addition to the political problems in Britain

British Pound vs. Japanese Yen
Despite trading, the pair managed to maintain above the 138 area, a critical trading area, giving us a positive outlook for a return to at least 152 levels
British Pound against the Dollar
The pair has not tested 1.23 levels again since the referendum, we do not forget that we were at that time dealing with a US dollar with a simple 102 index
The outlook remains positive for the pair, with the possibility of a return to 1.35 and 1.45 in the long run

British Pound vs. New Zealand Dollar
Despite the political problems in Britain, the pair is within a rising channel from its low level in 2017 at 1.71, the pair is now experiencing a corrective wave from 2.04 which is the peak this year
Our outlook remains positive and we are waiting for a return to 2.04 before continuing to rise to 2.50

British Pound vs. Canadian Dollar
The worst recorded levels were at 1.5040 in 2016 with the recovery of oil, which is the influential commodity in the Canadian currency. Since 2016, the pair is trying to return to 2.08 levels. Oil is going through some problems. The political developments in the Gulf could push the Gulf countries to increase production. Outside the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will not be again committed to spending cuts after Saudi Arabia has proven it is cutting the price according to US demand

Our outlook for the pair remains positive and we await 1.79, and then the distant targets at 2.08

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