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Trading opportunities for November 6, 2018 ahead of the expected US vote

So far we have two safe trading opportunities with a hedge that a day before the US vote we do not prefer to enter into long term deals now
Opportunities are as follows

CHF JPY buying opportunities confirmed
The pair remains bullish and is currently trading above the first support at 112.80, the pair is showing positive bullishness on the developed MACD index and trading above its 25 day highs
We recommend buying the pair from the current levels with a profit at 113.10 and a stop loss at 112.00

EUR USD targets at 1.146
As usual, the pair managed to rebound from the key support areas near 1.134 to re-target the first resistance level at 1.143, which represents an important stop in the way towards the main targets we set at 1.18, looking at the bigger picture since the Euro collapsed with the Greek crisis. Quiet for the euro with very far-reaching targets towards 2013 levels
We recommend buying the pair from current levels of 1.140 with a stop at 1.1300 and a first profit at 1.146

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