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Gold trading plan for investment deals for the next three months

Fundamental Analysis - Gold Outlook tells us that gold remains a safe haven despite experimental attempts to rely on
Other currencies starting from the Japanese yen and not ending in digital currencies
If we compare the movement of gold with the movement of American indices we find that despite the decline of the US indices to levels attractive to buyers, but gold was not affected much and maintained the highest psychological support 1200 while technical support is still higher 1180
If we do not see an increase in the indicators (which we expect) during this week's sessions, this means that traders are refusing to abandon gold holdings and the trend to buy indicators
In other words, traders do not find a reason to sell gold and buy securities ... some concerns may lead to major declines now

Technical Analysis
MACD Alerts - According to our index, we have been alerted to the imminent rise in gold prices since November 9th, while prices were at 1213, currently we have positive signs of gold's ability to climb again

Props and resistors
The nearest support for gold is at 1192 and then 1184 which is the traditional buying levels for gold while the strongest support remains very far at 1160
Accordingly, we prefer to trade according to a tight plan as follows (for medium and large accounts only)

Open a buy from the current 1203 levels
Put outstanding orders to buy gold at three levels as follows
1160 with large trading lot (accounts under $ 2000, appropriate lute 0.05)
Stop loss for all 1140 trades
Profit taking levels (within three months) are as follows
Earning the first profit 1235 (close half of the contracts)
Second Profit 1250 (move stop loss levels to entry point, close quarter of contracts)
Make a third profit 1300 (move stop loss levels to 1275 and move profit taking levels to 1350)
Trading in accordance with that recommendation is appropriate for accounts less than $ 2,000

For small accounts below $ 1001, we would prefer to break out of the trade at 1235

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