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How Jamal Khashoggi's assassination will affect global markets until the end of the year

The assassination of writer Jamal Khashoggi was not just a political event, but it would have a major impact on global markets and trading sharply during the rest of the year. The effects will be felt by the US and many European assets, and will have a big impact on gold holdings during the coming period, We have projections that we have made in the next report and analysis

We have some expectations for the remainder of the year. The assassination of Jamal Khashoggi will have a great impact on the trading pattern, opportunities and movement of indicators and financial assets during the coming period and until the end of the year.
If the Saudi Crown Prince is convicted or US sanctions are imposed on Saudi Arabia, America will lose a number of jobs and the unemployment rate will be clearly affected, especially average hourly wages and unskilled labor positions

The chances of the survival of the US President for a second term will be negatively affected, this will lead to declines in the prices of US indices and risk aversion, and this will put pressure on the US indices
However, gold prices will rise sharply in a short period while the US dollar will fall significantly

The Japanese yen will also be affected, especially as Saudi Arabia has significant investment stakes in Japanese financial institutions

Europe seems to be the least influential, the weapon it exports to Saudi Arabia is nothing compared to what Saudi Arabia imports from the United States of America, it might be useful for Europe to see the Saudi Crown Prince out of power

We expect average prices until the end of 2018 as follows

EUR USD 1.2000
GBP USD 1.4000
Gold 1370

In summarizing what we have seen, we will see a decline in US and US dollar indices, increased demand for gold, pound sterling and euro, strength for the Canadian dollar and Australian dollar

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