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Gold Analysis: Trading opportunities and long targets

As we expected before the gold jumped to the levels of the 1230 simply, but we expect to see slight declines on the gold during the coming hours, but retreated correct before waiting for the completion of the journey towards the main goals that we referred to before and identified the stability of trading above 1235 critical level to determine the possibility of continuing to climb
Gold is currently trading at 23.6, which is expected to turn into a support level for gold. Gold needs to break through the 1235 level and stability of trading until the end of the week to confirm targets targeting 1250 and 1300 respectively.

We have some events that affect gold, the Turkish-Saudi crisis may affect US arms deals, that makes America lose some jobs, fluctuating oil prices if the Saudi royal family faces crises that will affect the strength of the dollar,
But so far gold has reached some risk levels, we have asked traders to buy from 1192 and 1188 with a stop at 1160 and make targets open
For those who have not yet bought I would recommend waiting for any corrective move to buy gold with the same stop loss levels and leave the targets open

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