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Daily Major Currencies Analysis 10 October 2018

The current analysis of the movement of markets comes amid a lack of important data, there is fear in the markets of violent movements and sharp during the coming hours so we commit to not open large volumes currently

Euro Yen Analysis for October 10, 2018

The pair managed to stay above the 129 support level, keeping the upside to 132 levels. Currently, the pair is trading within the 129.90 level and breached the zero line on the microfibre of the MACD but is still trading below the 52 day average, so we will wait for a breach of this average before entering into long positions
The targets for the buy trades around 130.95 and the stability of trading above that level drives us directly towards our fundamental target at 132

EUR / USD Analysis for October 10, 2018

The pair succeeded in breaching the critical area and showed limited positive signals on the MACD index currently trading the highest averages of 52 days but the pair does not have the ability to move now towards the most important resistance levels at 1.153 so we note that we may enter a limited risk of those levels with targets around 1.159 for daily trading
We do not recommend entering small account holders until after breaching 1.1522 levels

New Zealand Dollar Analysis for October 10, 2018

The pair is currently trading above the 52-day average and showed positive signs on the MACD supported by strong support at 0.642 targeting the breach of resistance 0.6528 which leads to 0.6700
You can enter into a buy now with stop loss below 0.632

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