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Buy the GBP with targets starting at 1.32970

As we have already pointed out, the cable movement does not predict collapse even with the US interest rate and the positive tone of the Fed and the internal Teresa May problems. In fact, it seems that the EU, too, which did not offer any help in the face of dissident politicians, , And even its white paper remains at the end a solid basis for negotiation

Of course, we do not forget the economic pain that will hit companies such as Toyota due to the rough British exit, and the poor returns on the economies of the least developed countries in Europe as a result of this exit

In Britain it seems that things are going better than the media and the performance of the British market remains mainly positive towards what happened with increased confidence showing clear in the ratios of buyers and sellers

Technically, the pair has remained above the key support levels and started to recoil targeting 1.3270 as a primary target while its original targets remain around 1.35 as a managed point on the larger Friths while the original target remains an investment-less than 1.40

The pair is qualified to buy from the current levels with a stop loss at 1.27 while keeping outstanding orders at big levels at 1.28

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