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Trading opportunities on the GBP before the interest rate decision and inflation report

Today we have a date with the most important events of the month concerning the pound sterling, the first event is the British interest rate decision, the second and perhaps most important is the inflation report
The beginning of the current trading prices of the pound sterling against the rest of the currencies are prices containing all the negatives of the British exit
So we see that the current price of the pound sterling is unfair against some currencies as follows

GBP CAD: Oil prices are not at their best despite concerns about supplies from the Persian Gulf, Iran and Libya, the pound is not at its worst and there are opportunities for a smooth exit from the European Union
GBP / USD: The US Dollar is priced at over 12%, and the US Dollar Index is below 96, raising the expected US interest rate as a form of trying to save an economy with a bubble that could explode at any moment

GBP JPY: Yen No Longer a Safe Haven As before, the Yen is weakening against a dollar (weak) but strong against the Australian pound for speculative reasons

The fair price of the pound against the currencies as explained
British Pound against the US Dollar 1.5
Stop loss price for buyers should be at 1.27

British Pound against the Canadian Dollar 1.77740
Stop loss price for buyers should be at 1.67741

GBP / JPY   164,000
Stop loss price for buyers should be at 138,000

Of course, what is referred to is suitable for investors, not speculators

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