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Trading opportunities for 8 August 2018

The atmosphere of commercial warfare remains dominant in the markets for a period to come. The US Trade sanctions against Iran have not affected much
The British pound is the favorite for long term trading, gold is within good buying levels with strong support around 1180
The Euro seems to be able to return to 1.2 levels and has strong support at 1.15
The Japanese Yen may fall significantly in the coming period
The Canadian dollar remains at critical levels
Today's trading opportunities are as follows

BUY GBP JPY @ 143.65      SL 138                        TP 149 & 152
BUY GBP USD @ 1.2930 & 1.2895                        SL 1.2700       TP 1.2995 & 1.3200
BUY USD JPY @ 111.00 & 110.78              SL 108                        TP 111.55 & 112
BUY GOLD @ 1208             SL 1180          TP 1220 & 1244

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