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Market variables outlook ... The way to double the account starts now

Over the last few days and with the beginning of the collapse of the Turkish lira to those who pay attention to the fact that there are other currencies falling apart and the economies of other countries are strongly affected, the dollar which was favored by Trump is weak. His strength has become a source of pride for the American president in his tweets. , Turkey is virtually stagnant, the European continent is severely affected, all those who are out of the American plan are affected

With More pressure Trump reaches his new economic agreements needed with China, Europe, Mexico and Canada

But we have two important points:
A strong dollar while gold going against expectations
Declining EUR despite the need of emerging economies to rely on instead of the dollar

Gold is falling as emerging countries selling their gold reserves to get the dollar   
And the US stock market indicators are very promising, which leads to disposal of gold holdings to buy shares and indicators

The Euro will find good support soon and the strong dollar will inevitably decline. And thanks to the desire of the US administration to get rid of the dollar of forces that have done so far and then need to reduce it, America is dealing with the dollar now as a strategic commodity

The advice is to keep gold positions open, not to bet on excessive dollar strength, to move towards the EUR and GBP from current levels

If our expectations are correct, a calculation of $ 10,000 with purchases as we have explained from the current levels and a continuous strengthening of 2000 pips, the probability of doubling the account is at an acceptable risk

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