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Trading opportunities for July 14, 2018

The meeting between the Russian and US presidents is new. The markets are now dealing with Trump's comments and his statements cold. China looks stronger than the US president expected and is capable of confronting America economically.
Europe and Britain are converging now and talk about the British exit has become clear that it is almost a departure from the illusion while the British Prime Minister succeeded in crossing the recent crisis
The more strength we will see for the EUR and GBP, gold remains in excellent areas to buy either against the EUR or USD

Our recommendations for this week are as follows

BUY GOLD at 1440              SL 1200          TP  1247 & 1256 and 1350

BUY GBP USD at 1.3240     SL 1.2800       TP  1.329 & 1.3400 and 1.3900

BUY GBP JPY at 148.70       SL 144.00       TP  150 & 152  and 156

BUY EUR USD at 1.17280   SL  1.1600      TP  1.1755 & 1.1800 and 1.2400

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