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Market analysis and trading opportunities for July 10, 2018

The British pound has managed to maintain and maintain its gains despite the British government's resignations campaign. On the other hand, the resignations have given the British prime minister the ability to reach good solutions with the EU. The EU will help the British prime minister stay through her EU exit plan

We expect higher levels of trading for the GBP pair this week
The euro also appears to be consolidating and preparing to rise in the coming period despite the economic war and the actions of the US President

Our recommendations for this week are as follows

Buy EUR AUD at 1.57360    SL 1.51559     TP 1.61275
Buy GBP AUD at 1.77378    SL 1.71051     TP 1.79877
Buy GBP JPY   at   147          SL 141                        TP 149 & 152
BUY GBP USD at 1.3200     SL 1, 2800      TP 1.3800 & 1.4100

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