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Analysis of currencies and metals for July 19, 2018

The markets are waiting for the outcome of the debate over the British exit by the end of Friday, talk about the US interest rate boosted the strength of the dollar but not significantly, gold was able to resist the highest levels of psychological support 1200 while the currencies fell against the dollar during the week

Today's recommendations are as follows

EUR JPY Analysis for July 19, 2018
EURJPY fell during the Asian session, targeting the strongest support at 130.87 but remains good with 131.97
Buy EUR JPY at 131.13
Stop Loss        129
Take Profit      131.90

EUR / USD Analysis for July 19, 2018
EURUSD continued to decline, targeting 1.16014, the strongest support today, but remains within the areas of purchase with 1.17440 targets
Buy EURUSD at 1.1622
Stop loss          1.15980
Take Profit 1.1740

GBP / JPY analysis for July 19, 2018
The GBPJPY shows the pair's key support at 146.80 and remains within the buying areas with targets around 149
Buy GBP JPY at 146.88
Stop Loss        144
Take Profit 149

GBP / USD Analysis for July 19, 2018
GBPUSD managed to offset some losses during yesterday's trading and maintained the highest level of 1.3009 and remains within the currently bought areas
Buy the GBP at 1.3040
Stop loss          1.2800
Take Profit 1.325

Gold Analysis for July 19, 2018
Gold has resisted the highest 1200 levels, the most important psychological support levels this year. Gold is currently trading within a tight range between 1220 and 1227
Buy gold at 1223
Stop loss          1180
Take Profit      1245

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