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Market Analysis and Trading Recommendations for June 25, 2018

During the holiday of the markets, there was nothing new at the political level, the Turkish elections do not affect the markets, the American economic war continues, the European and Chinese actions against US tariffs also continue
Most importantly, we can not enter with long-term goals during this period due to political and economic tensions, so we will trade on the basis of technical analysis and small trading volumes as follows

EUR / USD Analysis for June 25, 2018
The pair rebounded during the Asian session from 1.16665 but managed to stay above the support level at 1.1627 and shows that the price behavior of the pair may rise to 1.164 and stability above that level will push the pair to the levels of 1.1666 again
Buying the pair at 1.1665, stop loss 1.1537, gain 1.1665
Noting that the 1.1665 levels would represent support in case of breaching it, which would qualify the pair to reach 1.1718 levels

GBP / USD analysis for June 25, 2018
The pair rebounded from resistance levels of 1.3305 towards the support level 1.3227 and the pair is showing a sideways price behavior even though trading below the 50 day averages
The pair may fall towards 1.317 levels to get support before the rally starts targeting the 1.3305 resistance level and the pair's success to stay above that level would qualify for a rally towards the key targets at 1.3340
BUY the pair at 1.319 stop loss 1.3050 take profit 1.3299

GBP / JPY analysis for June 25, 2018
The pair rebounded from the highest level of trading before the market holiday at 146.50 which represents the second resistance of the pair to trade below the averages of 25 days and 50 days on the way to retreat below the level of support 144.78
The pair is likely to find strong support at 144.76, especially since the pair has been largely oversold
Buying the pair at 144.76 stops at 143.80 and taking profit 145.95

Euro Yen Analysis for June 25, 2018
The pair dropped during early trading from 128.40 levels to the key support at 127.28 and is currently trading below the 50 and 25 day averages
The pair has not given any indication of its ability to recover losses until now but will be based on strong support at 126.97 levels

Buy the pair from 126.97 stop loss at 126.00 and take a profit at 128.10

Gold Analysis for June 25, 2018
Gold lost gains before last week's closing session down from 1271 to 1263, which is a good support for it
Gold price behavior gives us an indication of gold's ability to offset early trading losses and re-target 1273 levels
Buy gold from levels of 1265 stop loss 1256 take profit 1273

NASDAQ Analysis for June 25, 2018
The index fell sharply and sharply from 7317 towards the key support level at 7151, where stability is currently being sought
So far the index is trading below the 25 and 50 day levels and has not given any positive signals to buy
Buy the index from levels of 7134 stop loss 7000 take profit 7242

Dow Jones Technical Analysis for June 25, 2018
The index continued to decline in a clear decline since 15 March but is currently resisting to stay above the key support at 24407
Buy the index from 24440 stop loss levels 24100 take profit 24640

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