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Market Analysis for 24 April 2018

Markets are still confused about the USD's ability to rise, especially after the news of a sure increase in interest rates, but what seems to be so bright that we suspect it could happen
The United States needs a much weaker dollar than the current dollar, the United States is having difficulties exporting its various agricultural and industrial products and even exporting arms because of the strength of the dollar at a time when most of the currencies

It has become difficult to conclude export deals to Europe, Britain and Japan, the Middle East of course is no longer imported from America only weapons and under political conditions and not economic

Incoming tourism to the United States is also declining due to the strength of the dollar and its strength

Does interest boost the strength of the dollar?
The interest is to withdraw liquidity from the markets, raising interest increases domestic debt and reduces the strength of the currency on what other small traders think
So far, the dollar has not weakened due to the resistance of the state institutions to the policies of Donald Trump, but the US president was able to weaken the dollar a lot through his tweets and statements without the help of other state institutions

In all, it appears that we are witnessing a conflict between the US president and some technocrats in America, but it seems that the US president is able to impose his policy in the end, especially since he has achieved so far a clear economic success, the US president backed by major traders, businessmen and companies will not back down from its economic policy
So we are waiting for the dollar to decline as we wait for the GBP and the EUR to rise clearly

Our outlook is still positive for the Pound and the Euro, the Dollar will continue to retreat and the Japanese Yen, Gold needs some downside before we start to open long positions
We still see that we are moving to 2013 and 2014 levels

This week's trading recommendations are as follows

BUY XAUUSD AT 1325      SL 1300          TP 1355
BUY XAUEUR AT 1085      SL 1080          TP 1088
SELL USD CHF AT 0.9781  SL 0.98161     TP 0.97394
BUY NZD USD AT 0.7100  SL 0.70000     TP 0.73000
BUY GBP USD AT 1.3930   SL 1.37473     TP 1.47473
BUY GBP JPY AT 151.40    SL 150.574     TP 152.574
BUY EUR USD AT 1.2200   SL 1.19000     TP 1.22980
BUY EUR JPY AT 132.50    SL 127.759     TP 136.257
BUY AUD JPY AT 82.70     SL 81.759       TP 83.259

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