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Trading Recommendations March 13, 2018

Markets remain tense due to uncertainty about dollar strength and impact of recent US president's decisions. Europe has no worrying events after the Italian elections. Britain seems to be reaching a good agreement with the EU. Japan has seen little change in its markets.
Gold has held above 1250 levels so far and may rise in the coming days. Oil is moving within a narrow range in the end despite tension in the Gulf region
Today's trading recommendations are as follows

Currencies pairs           buy                  sell                   TP                    SL
EUR/USD                   1.2296                                     1.2344             1.2100
EUR/JPY                    131.30                                     132                  130.30
GBP/JPY                    147.75                                     148.60             145.90            
USD/JPY                    106.44                                     106.90             106.00
XAU/EUR                  1069                                        1076                1060
XAU/USD                  1318                                        1325                1310

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