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Market analysis with the beginning of the US-China economic war

Markets were on a date with another surprise of the US President a day before the close of the week where the US President imposed a new customs tariff, which is almost excluded all but not China

China, responded with some angry talks which seems to be the beginning of a long economic war, but that is the hasty look no more

China may be the biggest economy in the world and despite the large population, it does not import much, while exports much even to America

The recent US move against China is seen by some as reckless action, but the deeper view may give us quite different results

The US president does not want a trade war with China. He wants something to negotiate with China. No more and no less. China also understands this and understands it well. As you know it has little to say about the US move, China imports almost nothing from America.

But China could affect US Treasuries and could clearly control the price of gold and the US dollar ... China also has impressive tools on the US economy

But China and America do not want a real war, they want a new negotiation so we prefer to take the opportunities we have to enter into long and investment deals on the most affected currencies of the recent US decision

The trading recommendations are as follows, these recommendations only suitable for large account holders able to withstand violent movements in the markets during the coming period

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