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Trading Recommendations and updates on 20 February 2018

We are waiting confirmation for buy signal on EUR JPY around 132.45 levels
EURUSD is not safe to sell or buy currently but can be entered to buy from levels 1.22975
GBP USD in a downtrend and the nearest safe buying signal could be at 1.3862
USD / CAD is rising but can not enter into buying, wait for the start of a bearish signal around 1.263 levels
USD JPY is suitable for buying if it retests the 106.88 levels
Gold within critical levels and can not be bought or sold. The appropriate levels of support to buy and are currently monitoring are 1325 and we are watching the 1360 levels for sale as a strong resistance that has rebounded before then, otherwise we are neutral on gold against the dollar
Gold against the Euro is also at critical levels, we may enter short positions at 1091 levels

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