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Sudden wave of panic gives us a chance may not be repeated for big profits ... Analysis of February 6, 2018

Yesterday evening, the price of encrypted digital currencies collapsed while the Euro-Dollar and Pound-Dollar pairs lost a lot of gains over the past month
US indices lost about 4% of their value in less than an hour before offsetting some losses, the panic spread to almost all currencies
But it is noted that gold maintained a narrow trading range from 1330 to 1345 during that period, the dollar index did not achieve an impressive rise, oil also did not affect much
But what matters to us from all that has happened is that it gives us the opportunity to re-enter into long-term deals with the same objectives we have previously published which can be read in the previous publication (click here)
It is more important that we have confidence in the far-reaching targets we have set and do not close open positions because of a temporary wave of panic

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