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Market analysis and trading opportunities for February 12, 2018

The US dollar fell at the beginning of Asian trading as gold gained some gains, the Euro looks a little stronger than last Friday and made gains against the dollar and the Japanese yen
There is no news today so we will trade based on technical indicators only
Trading signals today:

Currencies pairs           buy                  sell                   TP                    SL
AUD/NZD                  1.07831                                   1.0877             1.05773          
EUR/AUD                  1.56861                                   1.57841           1.54840          
EUR/CAD                  1.54299                                   1.55264           1.52264
EUR/NZD                  1.69112                                   1.70073           1.67071          
USD/JPY                    108.70                                     109.67             106.70

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