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How to trade after the statements of fed's-powell

It seems that the markets did not understand the statements of the Fed Chairman clearly, there was no confirmation of successive increases in the interest rate on the dollar, there was only a view of the view of the US Federal Reserve, which remains very neutral and very conservative

We have not seen sharp declines on the US indices, which is a clear sign that things remain as they are for a weak dollar
Also, we have not witnessed sharp declines in gold prices, which was limited to minor declines that had to pass even without the statements of the Fed Chairman

EURUSD and GBPUSD did not fall significantly; also the USD JPY did not record 110 levels which could be seen as a sign of recovery of the US Dollar

After the statements of the Fed Chairman remains similar to the pre-Fed statements so we recommend buying pairs

Euro USD

With very far-reaching targets, for around EUR USD  1.3
GBP USD  $ 1.5
For gold around 1370
Also the GBP JPY could be bought with targets around 155
And Euro Yen with around 137 targets

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