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Follow up of open positions today February 21, 2018

We have a large number of open positions on a large number of assets and are expected to achieve their objectives over the period from now until the middle of next week
Open positions:

Buy AUD CAD          target 0.97399
Buy AUD NZD          target 1.08888
Sell AUD CHF           target 0.71595
Buy EUR NZD           target 1.69689
Sell NZD CHF            target 0.67712
Buy EUR JPY                        target 134.461
Buy USD JPY                        target 109.536
Buy AUD JPY            target 86.438
Buy CAD JPY                        target 86.959
Buy CHF JPY             target 116.746
Buy GBP JPY             target 152.069
Buy EUR USD           target 1.25156
Buy GBP USD           target 1.41340

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