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Trading recommendations from January 22 to the end of the week for major currency pairs

We were expecting wide-ranging rallies on the USD and Gold pairs due to the US government closure as well as declines on the EUR pairs due to the political crisis in Germany
But the re-vote on the US budget has greatly supported the dollar, and the German political crisis also seems to find a solution soon
We will therefore engage in the following processes with a commitment to risk management with much rigor

Buy EUR USD 1,2225           SL 1.2122       TP 1.23982
Buy GBP USD 1.38678         Sl 1.37649       TP 1.40149
Buy USD CAD 1.24827        SL 1.23763     TP 1.26263
Buy USD CHF  0.9624          SL 0.95228     TP 0.97730
Buy USD JPY  110.84           SL 109.848     TP 112.348
Sell GOLD      1329                SL 1339.91     TP 1314.91

Gold is very likely to hit the targets of the sale despite the successive highs during the past hours but so far did not exceed the initial resistance
We see some improvement on the performance of the Canadian and the franc and the yen against the dollar
EUR USD Targets around $ 1.3 at least But not this week, Germany's political calming is slowing down much of its movement but it will reach that level and much more, 2013 levels may be the primary target
Entry is still a bit risky so we will not adjust the stop loss and take profit now

I do not think we'll have new operations this week so followers can follow up on their phone
For those who copy deals, you can enter from the current levels. Entry is not now a problem with late entry
I will follow the evolution of operations during the week but actually I do not think there will be any new trading call this week
Where the pairs are some of them technically in the areas of sale and expertise in the purchase areas, so we are committed to the management of capital strictly
Re-entry is available for accounts with $ 1000 with opening operations. Micro Lot: The volume to open the transaction is 3 micro lots
Good luck

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