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Markets are looking ahead to Christmas while fears of everything increase

The dollar appears weak, ignoring President Trump's rejection of an important part of the stimulus bill as President Donald Trump said the congressional relief package is a "stain" - a special reference to checks sent to all Americans, the most symbolic part of the 900 billion package. Dollars: Currently the US President wants to raise it from $ 600 to $ 2000.


House Democrats support the extra money, putting Republicans in a dilemma. Trump has not stated that he will veto the hard-won bill but the uncertainty has affected the markets however, the US dollar is retreating from the highs.

Covid 19:

Scientists seem to agree that vaccines will work against the new coronavirus variant discovered in the United Kingdom, easing the mood of the market, while Pfizer stated that if necessary, it can amend the new vaccine within six weeks.


The chief negotiator of the European Union, Michel Barnier, said the talks were at a "critical stage" with eight days remaining until the end of the transition period. It bargains the member states and the UK to an arrangement over the fish. Some are speculating that a deal could be reached on Wednesday, while a postponement or Brexit is also unavailable.

Christmas is at the center of a crowded economic agenda

The economic calendar on Christmas Eve is very crowded. Weekly jobless claims are set to remain at a high of 885,000 for another week. The durable goods orders numbers for November are expected to show a moderate increase. On the other hand, both personal spending and personal income are expected to decline last month.

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