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Market Analysis Nov. 16 .. All possibilities are possible

During this week, we can say with confidence that all possibilities are possible, whether in terms of currency pairs or metals and indices as well. We have significant declines in the dollar and yen, so we prefer to wait for opportunities to buy from the bottom, which we expect to be between the areas of 103.78 - 103.20, while we do not prefer to enter to buy some Pairs are currently like the EUR / USD, while the Corona pandemic may give us opportunities to sell on the German DAX as a suitable option with a stop loss at the last recorded high and a profit taking we may prefer to leave it open.

Gold was able to confirm its ability to rise again, and we may test 1930 levels before the end of this week and we recommend buying from every downward correction, while American indicators are trying to rise, we prefer to remain neutral until appropriate opportunities to sell are seized, especially since the new American president will not provide much support for these indicators

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