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EURUSD analysis targets greater than risk ratios

The pair traded within the last few hours within a bearish correction that returned it to the initial
support area 1.29 which proved to be the main support during this week as it maintained the pair's ability to recoil and re-target the resistance areas which declined during last week's trading

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Technically, we have a positive direction on the RSI and the advanced MACD index pushing the pair towards trading above the 15 averages to re-target the initial resistance at 1.13214 then 1.1343 while the most important resistance remains 1.13766 which represents a pivotal point as we will confirm that we will target areas of 1.14 next week

Trading Recommendation
Number of votes per thousand dollars: 1 microLot per thousand dollars
Buy the pair from 1.13100
Stop loss
Take the first profit 1.13325
Take Second Profit
Third profit taking
Expected profit taking 48 hours
In case of more than one trading lottie, transactions are closed according to the order of profit taking levels mentioned in the trading recommendation
Red lines on the chart represent areas of resistance while blue lines represent support areas
All published analyzes must match the entry points with the RSI and the MACD developed as well as the support and resistance shown
Time Frame has been approved for half an hour to provide day-to-day analysis that does not require long-term market survival, but now and then we may publish long-term analysis based on more timeframes if we find a suitable trading opportunity

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