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Real trading account $ 1000 with investor password to follow.. Less funding and greater growth goals

During the last period and since I began to offer my Real trading account with investor password I received many messages indicate that the success of trading the previous account was due to the size of funding large (ten thousand dollars) and the secret lies in funding and not in the strategy of trading or capital management

Of course, there were those who talked about the inadequacy of the size of the account to be followed by many of the traders and some of the confusion in determining the size of its trading compared to that account
The trading strategy, which depends on strong entry points with the exit from the markets before Friday's closing session, is an easy and achievable and profitable strategy.

However, the goal of leaving the account available to follow incomplete because many traders became in doubt about how to follow this big account and applied its signals to their less funded accounts
Therefore, we start today trading on a new account (I am already trading on it since January this same strategy as can be known from the date of the account) with only 1000$

There are some things that may now differ from the previous account
First: Volume of transactions 0.05
Second: Growth Objectives Account Doubling Each trading cycle (three months)
Thirdly, the possibility of risk can be more risky because more can be fund into the account when needed
As a result of trading on an account of only $ 1000
We will not withdraw any profits from the account until the end of a full trading cycle (three months)

The account is open on the regular MetaTrader platform and on FXDD only

Therefore, according to the status of the execution of transactions and the low spread and value of the point, account watchers have to be aware of the difference in the speed of implementation and small spread on the platform of the company compared to some other companies if they decided to copy transactions from the account or to open the same trades on their personal accounts so it is better to follow through demo ​​account at the beginning Before you follow the our deals on your real account

I will change the investor password periodically because some have linked my previous account to some copy sites as a personal account. This happened with myfxbook and I have communicated with the them and contacted them to delete the false account falsely attributed to others and put my account data

Followers can always get the password when changed it via e-mail, which will be published long time enough to communicate before changing investor password

Or you can requests the investor password from the site Admin directly

My recommendations and analysis can be tracked through

My official website



Follow-up data for the account is as follows

Account number                     6900186         
Server                                      FXDD-MT4 Live Server 6

Investor password                   xPzFlSx8

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