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Trading during the British vote... Opportunities will not be repeated soon, and weak brokerage firms reveal their weakness

Despite of what some may see as risky trading during the UK exit vote this week, this event gives us great opportunities to make a profit with a little nerve power, proper analysis and patience for volatility, especially if we are trading accordance good strategy and good broker platform and the most importantly, The platform is abundant in tradable assets and may be the most important during that period gold versus the Euro because it will be the real insurance policy during the period

We have a number of scenarios, even if we expand. In one scenario, we have several scenarios. It is possible that Theresa May will get approval for her exit plan, and it is possible that she will lose the vote as many expect (in this scenario too many scenarios based on the number of rejecting votes and approval) It is possible that the prime minister will stick to the option of (NOW OR FORGET IT, which is also an option

But more importantly, with a look at the markets, we can find that all the bad scenarios have been pre-priced at the current GBP prices. There are currencies that will be affected alongside the pound. The demand for gold will increase against the dollar, GBP and EURO during this period. But we should not buy gold against the Euro at all, on the contrary we should sell gold against the Euro with each rise and the appropriate selling areas are 1088, 1095, 1110

We keep our targets open because the next downtrend will be very violent and there is no reason to lose a lot of profits as a result of a lack of confidence in what we are doing

Most trading companies do not allow trading on gold against the Euro because simply making that asset is an insurance policy that can make a rescue collar when you buy gold against the dollar and the process is reversed. Gold versus the Euro is fast moving but within a logical framework, small companies refrain from making that asset For trading

GBPUSD is currently in the buying zones against most currencies and it is preferable to buy GBPUSD, with open targets and stop loss areas may not be suitable for small accounts. Stop loss of GBP / USD at 1.2400 and stop loss of GBP / JPY 139

We should be aware that other currencies will be affected throughout the voting period including the Australian dollar due to the volume of trade between the two countries. The Swiss franc will also be affected by the disposal of its holdings with every glimmer of hope on the pound sterling

It is important to know that in any case, the low GBP pricing we are seeing now is a pricing that takes into account all British exit problems, but other declines will be speculation and panic and nothing more so it will be temporary and limited and represent opportunities for repurchase

Before trading during the UK vote, it must be ensured that the broker does not change the leverage or stop trading on some currencies during the voting or manipulates the spread cause this may cause significant losses no matter the strength of the strategy followed

It will not be difficult to find a broker allows gold against the Euro. There are also brokers who offer gold against sterling also. Personally, I am trading gold / Euro on the FXDD platform, which allows it to trade without changing the leverage at the time of the news

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