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Opportunities to profit from the British crisis .. A special file and trading plan targeting thousands of points and implement them on my real account

The recent British crisis may have hurt some traders with successive resignations from the Teresa May government but at the same time gives us the opportunity to make big profits if we deal with it calmly and calmly and realize where the worst scenario and the best scenario for the crisis

With yesterday's crises, which witnessed the wholesale resignations, including the Minister of the brexit and much of the controversy over the plan presented by Teresa Mae and the growing anger even within her party, the strong lady appeared without delay to speak with much confidence and confident tone and a lot of friendliness with journalists to confirm that she exists to perform her role as prime minister seeking better Scenarios for exit from the EU
On the one hand insisted that there will be another referendum on exit
On the other hand, I talked about Britain's ownership of its borders, its law and its decisions
She seems happy to get out of the European Union as much as she seems determined to miss the opportunity to try to destroy what she has achieved

But Theresa May (and personally inclined to remain in office for a long time to come) is aware of the British privacy that still maintains the classic British Taxi and the five o'clock tea against American coffee. It is a lifestyle that the British will not change whatever happens. Express the total and the British critical mass is based on it

The scenarios presented are as follows:

The first Scenario fall of the Theresa May government
This scenario will mean to Europe that Britain rejects any form of cooperation or soft exit sought by Teresa Mai, the reaction of Germany, of course, which will lead the European Union will come violent and ensure a rough and painful exit of Britain, Britain will not have after the early elections but a pattern of governments Because no one can guarantee an absolute majority at present
The next embarassing government will take all the steps, including calling the people for another referendum, but it will not change as a result of the referendum, the insults against Britain and the hostile rhetoric may be enough to rally the people behind the exit again.
Means a sharp fall of the pound with measures by the British central to reduce interest and perhaps even a negative benefit to face the expected bloody exit in that situation
Here we are talking about the GBP / USD trading rate within 1.22 affected by the crisis and for about a month before the traders start to restore calm and reach the moment of the rise that will target at least 1.4 levels, the best possible levels if the exit

Or prove to the British people that it is different from the rest of the peoples and swallows some insults and overcome what he sees an immediate interest and refuses to exit, which ensures the rapid rise of the pound target pre- brexit levels directly and talk about the levels of 1.6

Scenario II Success of Theresa May
In this case we are talking about an agreed exit with the European Union and in a completely pragmatic situation, no one wants to enter a finger-biting battle, which means that the EU will be willing to help Teresa Mae stay and allow the brexit as smooth as possible and reach some pressure to resolve the border problem Irish
In that case we will be on a date with a clear rise of the Pound Sterling to the logical levels against the dollar at 1.35 and can be measured on the same rise against other currencies, noting that the rise of the pound against the other currencies will be much larger

From here, we set our targets under all scenarios by targeting levels above current levels and with some sharp reversals, but the targets are worth the risk
Personally, I am opening the trades on the Australian pairs from the current levels with no profit taking area. I will be buying again after the 25th day and the EU direction is clear. The stop loss areas are below the bottoms at the time of the Referendum Poll, noting that we do not count on deceptive and low levels Which was achieved during the famous flash crash
Purchases are made on all GBP pairs without exception as a single basket
It is preferable that the plan is executed on its own independent account away from your original trading account

The attached image is a copy of the open orders on my FXDD platform, which shows stop loss, profit taking, and entry point and lot size
The orders were opened on the FXDD platform to take advantage of the deposit bounce and reduce the risk, as the company ensures that the leverage will not change during news and events and are going to trade some risky pairs

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