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GBP / USD ... Tight trading and long targets near 1.35

While the pair is trading within a very tight range this week, affected by the conflicting news about the British-European negotiations, we are likely to see a significant upside over the pair during this month

MACD Alerts - According to our index, the sideways trend remains for a period of time in very tight trading before we see a clear break

Support and resistance
The strongest support at 1.270 and we are not likely to see declines to that area, while the nearest support at 1.2890, an area that the pair has touched and rose several times but remains a valid area of ​​entry buy from those areas

Trading Recommendation
Buy the pair from the current levels 1.3020 and repurchase at 1.2890 and 1.270
Stop loss at 1.26
Take profit in three stages
First take the profit 1.3175
Second Take Profit 1.3270
Third Take Profit 1.3550

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