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Analysis of the GBP USD on 12 November 2018

Fundamental Analysis - The pair's declines that started last week will continue within coming 2 days, while nothing new in the UK-EU negotiations, but buyers do not seem to have the enthusiasm to buy now, causing the pound to depreciate against all currencies today
But this does not mean that it will continue for long, and we expect to see the up wave before ending this week aiming to hit the hi levels of October

Technical Analysis
MACD Alerts - The MACD did not give any indication of the pair's ability to ascend now, and all the MACD signals are likely to fall further for a day or two

Supports and resistances
Strong support for the pair at 1.268 which is very long support and we do not think we will reach those areas, while the nearest support at 1.281 may reach the pair in or time in the next two days, we do not prefer to buy now, also do not prefer to sell from those levels, the best option is waiting for arrival Pair for further lows and buy with the first positive signal

Trading Recommendation
Place a pending purchase order in the following areas

Stop loss for all trades 1.255
Take profit on levels
First gain of scalpers 1.3040
Make Second Profit for Trading 1.3173
Profit taking for investment 1.35000

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