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Analysis of the main trading opportunities for the 19th of September till the end of trading on Friday

We've seen tight moves on most major currencies this week, September is heading for surprises, but traders after Donald Trump's storm seem to have become more cautious and less active.
Trading opportunities are low during this month, but what matters most is the stability of the GBP and the achievement of gains against the rest of the major currencies
The Euro also made significant gains against major currencies and also against gold
Gold is still volatile but we expect so far that there is a rise in the price of gold, the reasons for this is due to the decline in confidence in the US dollar index and the possibility of reaching 98 important levels to confirm the ability to reach levels of 101
During the week we did not find important opportunities yet but can trade on the basis of possible fluctuations and caution
Trading recommendations are as follows

Buy EUR USD @ 1.16842    SL 1.15933     TP 1.17342
BUY EUR AUD @ 1.61249 SL 1.60346     TP 1.61745
BUY EUR CAD @ 1.51430  SL 1.50512     TP 1.51911
BUY GBP USD @ 1.31530  SL 1.30605     TP 1.32005
SELL USD JPY @ 112.26     SL 113.190     TP 111.790

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