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Follow up for market analysis and trading opportunities for the week of August 20 to August 25, 2018

We published on August 20th our analysis of the markets and trading recommendations for this week. The recommendations have achieved their objectives as we will explain
Some of the recommendations reached the second profit-taking levels so we publish a follow-up to the recommendations with the levels of profit taking that we can reach next week

We note that we have made clear that there is an expected decline in the US dollar index, and that the decline in gold prices is temporary

Follow up recommendations

EUR JPY        BUY @ 126.26           SL 124.50       TP 126.85 & 129  ADD 131
EUR USD       BUY @ 1.14150         SL 1.1300       TP 1.14380 & 1.15 ADD 1.1780
GBP JPY        BUY @ 140.88           SL 138.00       TP 141.20 & 143  ADD 149
GBP USD       BUY @ 1.2730           SL 1.2600       TP 1.2800 & 1.31 ADD 1.34
USD JPY        BUY @ 110.60           SL 109                        TP 110.74 & 111.20 WAITING
USD CAD      BUY @ 1.3060           SL 1.29875     TP 1.30875 HIT THEN DECLINED AND WAIT COMING BUY TARGET

Follow-up of recommendations and market analysis can be followed through exclusive sites to publish recommendations on

Through social platforms

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