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Best trading day opportunities 4 currencies pairs

By analyzing the markets today we found a trading opportunities where 4 currencies pairs on our exclusive saturation indicator is over sell on Time Frame 30 minutes
All currencies pairs near support area and could hit second resistance area this week

Tradable currencies pairs EUR CAD , EUR USD , GBP USD and GBP CAD

BUY EUR CAD at 1.5218    SL       1.48000           TP        1.53116
BUY EUR USD at 1.6823     SL       1.13000           TP        1.20000
BUY GBP USD at 1.3100     SL       1.27000           TP        1.37000
BUY GBP CAD at 1.7080     SL       1.67741           TP        1.75000

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