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The details of the bankruptcy of small traders within days on the global stock market

Nearly three years ago, the world economy was facing four major problems: the bankruptcy of Greece, calls for exit from the European Union, the British exit referendum from the European Union, and the crisis of the Swiss decision that overthrew the Euro

Before the world faced these problems, the average trading price of the major currencies against the dollar was as follows
Gold 1350 USD

With the emergence of signs of crisis, the prices of the major currencies fell against the dollar to start the fall of the currencies against the dollar to record the dollar fell sharply followed by the collapse of the pound sterling and then fell gold in turn below the levels of 1100

In that period, the markets took a state of panic, which led traders to get rid of everything and to buy the dollar. They tried to keep their value in buying the dollar. All indications were that the only reliable asset is the dollar

At that time, the dollar index saw sharp jumps reaching 102, while oil prices fell sharply to record low levels of $ 35 a barrel, down from levels above $ 100 per barrel

But that was not good for anyone because trading prices were unrealistic for many reasons

First, the Euro is the old German mark but it is wearing a new mask, and most of the value of the Euro is essentially the strength of the German economy

Germany was not prepared to give up its new currency. It could prolong the negotiations with Greece, but it would not allow Greece to exit the EU, which could push other countries out of the European Union too. The big traders were betting on buying the Euro and waiting for the right moment to make big deals

Switzerland, for its part, had prepared for sharp declines to the euro after its decision to stop buying the Euro and when the signs of the crisis appeared Greece fears and panic was dominating the markets, giving the senior traders an opportunity will not compensate for the purchase of the Euro bottom of the deep against the dollar and against other currencies

With the British referendum, the Sterling Pound fell to its lowest levels, but then no one could justify it so far. The Flash Crash, in which the pound fell below 1.2 against the dollar, took place within two minutes. Right Now

Gold, in turn, has seen a sharp decline, influenced by analysts' analysis that gold will trade within three decimal places and that gold is no longer a safe haven

This was followed by an exaggeration in the strength of the dollar based on the gains made by the US dollar index and the appetite for buying US indices

But the real economy was something else
Greece has not exit from the European Union
The British exit is emptied of its content
The new US president is sparing no effort to weaken the dollar, which has lost America's ability to export and attract tourists

Donald Trump is not the direct cause of the beginning of the dollar's decline but only represents the green light. The dollar has been evaluated against sharp speculation and gained more strength based on speculative analysis, but the dollar was not as strong at all

It is the world of speculations where clever plots are hammered to push markets in a direction before market makers and major traders begin to adjust direction and manage rudder

Now we are seeing the beginning of a return to the levels of trading in 2013 and 2014, the BIG BOYS club that controls the markets felt during the last month and the current that there is a warning to the beginning of the return to those levels pressured with large financial reserves to return levels to give traders the opportunity to panic and force them to be satisfied With floating losses and out of the right trades direction

Is almost the last move, which may extend to any time frame necessary for the success of this move before allowing a return and quickly to the levels of 2013 and 2014

Interestingly, gold, which has not retreated to the 1200 levels, the oil continues to rise, and the declining US dollar index, did not make anyone aware that the plot is about to be completed and that what they see is not what actually happens

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