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Market Analysis and Trading Recommendations for May 2, 2018

The US dollar will not give the strength to push gold to 1200 levels and there are no reasons for the EUR / USD and the GBP / USD to fall back to levels we experienced earlier in the Greek crisis. And the British exit
However, those declines represented a correction that the markets needed, regardless of whether the wave of declines caused the market makers, who took the weakness of liquidity during the early trading of this week, to enter large volumes to guide the markets as they want and then to reflect the trends again. The indicators we rely on to determine the seriousness of excessive power The dollar did not make us convinced that we are coming for a golden period for the dollar
On the one hand, the US dollar index did not keep pace with the 101 levels, the gold did not break near the 1200 levels, so the JPY could not approach the 111 levels which were previously in support of the USDJPY
There are many negative signals on the USD pair against the CHF, and there are attempts to overcome the EURUSD drop, and also can not say that there is a collapse of the GBP pairs
So we keep a positive outlook for most major currencies against the dollar as we keep a positive outlook for gold in the medium and long term
So far it is better to take advantage of the declines to enter into the EUR, USD, GBP, EUR,

BUY GOLD @ 1310 (ADD 1290) SL 1250 TP 1355 & 1420

BUY EUR USD @ 1.2020 (ADD 1.1950)    SL 1.18           TP 1.221 & 1.25

BUY GBP USD @ 1.36        (ADD 1.355) SL 1.34             TP 1.4  & 1.43

BUY GBP JPY @ 149.50 (ADD 148.90) SL 146  TP 152 & 155

BUY EUR JPY @ 131.60      (ADD 130.90)  SL 129           TP 133 & 136

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