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Trading opportunities for February 8, 2018

This week, the markets suffered from a great fluctuation. Volatility is expected to increase during the rest of the week as the markets await significant economic data from Britain. We also have some important US data before the end of the week

The fear that dominated traders after the sharp drop in US indices continues to scare traders, the strength or weakness of the dollar remains unclear so far, but the stability of gold prices above 1290 levels is a sign that the dollar is not strong,

All in all, we see the dollar weak, and we still see that the euro will be stronger in both the UK and the rest of the year

Trading recommendations as follows

Buy AUD USD 0.7822          SL 0.7722       TP 0.7900
Buy EUR JPY   134.60          SL 132                        TP 135.80
Buy EUR USD 1.2275           SL 1.200         TP 1.3420
Buy GBP JPY  151.50            SL 150                        TP 153.10
Buy GBP USD 1.3900           SL 1.3700       TP 1.4000
Buy GOLD       1311              SL  1290         TP 1350

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