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Safe trading strategy on FXD platform only... Daily update on clients' portfolio

Is there a safe trading in the global markets? Is it possible to take more of the market than you take your balance, is the famous warning statement that the losses may exceed the amount of deposit can make it from the past instead of making it the end term, which ends ninety percent of the accounts during the first three months of trading

For more than three months we have been looking for a safe trading method that can make trading a safe activity that can be practiced without being permanently attached to the device screen and you can practice your normal life without tension, waiting and waiting

We identified key points that caused most traders to lose:

The first reason is the rolling itself: the rush to open deals, the patience to lose and the lack of patience for profit, the excess trust that turns into complete psychological collapse when markets reverse, trading on the edge and opening more operations than your account, leading to the arbitrary closure of transactions, Rather than developing an easy, simple strategy

The second reason is to read the analyzes either for experts or amateurs: I hope you make a quick count of the number of deals you closed because you read an analysis by an expert and found that according to his analysis your deal is not right. After a time I found that the deal would have made gains but you trusted it. Analyze the expert and lack confidence in your personal sense

Expert analysis also creates false and unrealistic trends and trends on some assets and currencies. The herd of buying or selling is quickly reversed and starts moving the stop loss levels waiting for some time before the loss worsens and loses more and more.

The third reason concerns the bad timing of the trading time or assets you are trading on, such as trading on assets whose movements are difficult to predict, currency pairs for emerging countries and unstable economies

The fourth reason is the trading broker itself, trading with an unreliable trading broker not a wise act

We started to avoid the reasons as we worked on the strategy

The trading medium is FXDD where leverage never change during the news and we do not see wide spread

As for the mistakes of the trader, we do not act influenced by the psychological factors that govern the psychology of the trader, we only trade when the terms of trading integrated strategy without considering our psychological conflict

As for analyst analyzes that create incorrect trends, we do not pay attention to the published analysis at all, but we analyze the markets ourselves and do not change our view of closing deals or adjust the levels of stop loss under any circumstances

The choice of assets we are dealing with is subject to rigorous analysis. We do not trade on currencies or assets belonging to unstable economies. We exclude some assets when their economies go through difficult times such as elections, referendums

Our strategy is based on a number of technical factors
We rely primarily on MA levels that are compatible with support and resistance levels and MACD

TP levels within the daily range while stop-loss levels are greater than daily movement range

Adjusting targets is permissible if we find that the entry point is intact and the asset is starting to make profits and the technical signals that support the search for higher profit areas are confirmed. We adjust these levels to chase profit, while we do not adjust the stop loss levels at all according our money management policy

The strategy used today is on my own account and on some FXDD clients' accounts only

To track accounts directly you can access my personal account or one of the managed accounts using the following data
Login                          1124583
Investor                    FXDDlive1
Server 6

Login                          1123961
Investor                    FXDDlive1
Server 6

Login                          1333396
Investor                    FXDDlive1
Server 6

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